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    Our Services

    Originally based in Pakistan, MarCom has also established its presence globally with country representatives in UAE, Australia and will be soon launch in other parts of the world. Global presence enables us to work round-the-clock and in different time zones which can help our clients meet impossible deadlines both overnight and over weekends.

    Our services cover every area that comes under the domain of marketing communication. These include but are not limited to:

    Brand Creation & Development: Identities & Stories (Name, Logos, And Promotional Materials etc.)

    Brand Internal & External Communication Tools

    Print Media Advertising

    Electronic Media Advertising ( Radio & TV)

    Website Development

    Printing & Publications

    Online & Social Media Management , Advertising & Monitoring

    Outdoor Advertising and Branding

    PR & Repute Management

    Behavior Change Communication Campaigns

    Mobile Advertising

    Event Management

    Brand Activations



    Brand Creation & Development

    Identities & Stories

    We help in building brands, from Brand name suggestions, to creation of logos and all other communication/promotional materials. We provide comprehensive marketing communication solutions from inception of big idea to execution of 360 marketing campaign.

    Print Media


    Our expert design and creative team are among the best in town with extensive experience to develop most effective print media campaigns. Having strong media linkages and powerful media team, enables us to design and execute most cost effective and result oriented print campaigns.

    Online & Social Media Management

    Advertising & Monitoring

    We help you grow your online presence and improve repute management. Our skilled social media team creates, manages, monitors and delivers top-performing social media campaigns. Our campaigns deliver engaging content, increase followers, and drive word of mouth. We use highly targeted methods of social media advertising that allow our clients to pinpoint their exact demographic and reach them at an affordable rate.

    Behavior Change

    Communication Campaigns

    Our key team players have extensive experience of designing and executing most effective BCC Campaigns, very well established and acknowledged by the industry stakeholders.

    Printing &


    Whether offset or digital, your printing & publication request will receive high level of service, best quality designs, convenience, and cost savings at MarCom.

    Giveaways and


    Along with wide-range customized giveaways and souvenirs, Pakistani Tohfa is our exclusive initiative to conveniently make available and deliver Purely Pakistani Themed Souvenirs to you and your loved ones.

    Brand Internal & External

    Communication Tools

    We have expertise in developing and executing both internal & external communication materials including designing & publication of newsletters/magazines/Posters/Flyers, internal & external office branding, designing/publication/printing of external communication materials etc.

    Electronic Media


    Our Services are not just limited to print media; we have expertise to produce and execute strong and meaningful electronic media campaigns for both radio and television at best possible rates.


    Advertising and Branding

    Along with having expertise in designing & branding, we offer the most premium outdoor advertising opportunities in town at best possible rates. Our production team shares regular campaign monitoring reports and updates with clients.



    With smart phones becoming a household necessity, Mobile advertising is growing faster than all other digital advertising formats globally. We offer only legal mobile advertising means, strictly avoiding all spam and illegal advertising mechanisms.



    Our Brand activation team creates remarkable tailor-made brand experiences that drive measurable results. Through creative and engaging brand activation happenings, we help to bring life into your brand and build a very loyal fan base.

    Development of

    Communication Strategies

    We are specialist in preparing and developing most effective short term and long term communication strategies for both commercial, public and non-government sector clientele.



    We have a pool of expert web developers from across the world with wide-ranging experience of developing popular websites for international organizations. Our designers and programmers work side by side, creating sites that meet the highest visual standards and function to the highest technical specifications.

    PR & Repute


    We have PR Specialists on board with very strong media linkages that enable us to provide you most effective PR and repute management services. Our experts help you to protect, enhance or build your reputation through the media.

    Film & Documentary


    Through MarCom associates, we offer you one of the best film and documentary production services in town. Our Production team is extremely talented with extensive industry experience of both commercial, public and non-government sector.

    Research &


    We offer a broad array of experienced survey services in such areas as consumer market research, b2b market research, business customer satisfaction surveys, industry market research, company surveys etc. We are specialist in conducting campaign pre testing and post campaign impact evaluation surveys.

    Event Management

    Our specialized event management division works hand in hand with you to understand your vision, mapping out your specific requirements and providing the most fitting solutions through to execution. For events that make an impact, you can’t beat our unique and most professional event branding and execution ideas; from setting the stage to sound and visuals, fool proof security and logistical support , effective communication services and coverage facilities; we provide one stop comprehensive solution.