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    Our Passion


    Our love – Our passion

    At MarCom we are committed to play our part to spread the true and positive image of Pakistan across the world. Our founders are proud initiators and brand ambassadors of two main projects aimed at promoting Pakistan at national and international level.  MarCom is proud partner of following two initiatives:

    Inspire Pakistan

    ‘Inspire Pakistan’ is an initiative to inspire Pakistanis to take pride in their identity and to be the change they want to see.

    We aim to achieve this by transforming the perception of Pakistan in the eyes of the world and Pakistanis themselves by giving life to thousands of unknown stories of inspirational projects run by Pakistanis that are seldom given media coverage.

    The idea has been initiated by a group of likeminded Pakistanis based in different countries of world to play their part to promote positive image of Pakistan.


    Key Objectives:

    • To highlight inspirational work being carried out by Pakistanis, whether in Pakistan or abroad.  – To create a database of volunteers who can support these projects.
    • To encourage a culture of collaboration and a support network to facilitate these projects.
    • An awareness campaign targeting youth networks and universities encouraging participation in these initiatives.
    • Social Media campaigning focused on highlighting positive work being carried out in Pakistan.
    • To encourage print and electronic media coverage of the positive side of Pakistan.
    • To rally support for all charitable initiatives in Pakistan.

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    Pakistan Tohfa

    Pakistani Tohfa is an online platform to conveniently make available and deliver Purely Pakistani themed Souvenirs. It is a venture by MarCom founders to promote made in Pakistan and Pakistani themed products. It is a reflection of true spirit of Pakistan.


    Pakistani Tohfa is a mean to express the sentiments and love of Pakistanis. We are the first of its kind online platform to conveniently make available and deliver Purely Pakistani Themed Souvenirs to you and your loved ones.

    Pakistanis are full of emotions; whether its birthday, Eid, Independence Day or any other special occasion we never miss the chance to express our love to each other in form of gifts. Unfortunately when it comes to presenting anyone a Pakistani Souvenir one hardly finds any shop exclusively dealing with Pakistani Souvenirs. Realizing this major gap we are glad to present Pakistani Tohfa the first ever exclusive Pakistani Tohfa Souvenir online shop. Products are also available at MarCom Head Office in Islamabad .

    Now you don’t need to worry what to gift your friends and family to cherish Pakistan. Express your love for Pakistan through Pakistani Tohfa!

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