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    Equality is the law of humanity,

    must condemn inequality…

    We are all born equal,

    be it any ritual…

    No one is superior to another,

    acknowledge when dealing with others.. 

    We all have the right of free will, 

    respect others and don’t think ill… 

    We all have our own opinion, 

    must accept and live in union… 

    When times are tough, some get rough,

    be responsible and don’t act in a huff… 

    Kindness is the need of the hour, 

    support each other and empower…. 

    We all have our own identity, 

    live and let live in sanity…

    ~ Maryia Naseem Khan



    Motivation is a notion,
    keeps you in motion..
    When downhill, know the drill,
    motivation will make you thrill..
    Find your ‘WHY’,
    keep your spirits high..
    Break task into chunks,
    will surely be a slam-dunk..
    Keep feet on the ground,
    stay motivated all around..
    Make tasks fun,
    you will get them done..
    Take breaks and time out,
    stay upbeat throughout..
    Look at the bright side,
    rise above and turn the tide..

    Maryia Naseem Khan

    Patience is a virtue,
    we must pursue..
    Patience is a wealth,
    bring fabulous health..
    Being patient, when dispute arise,
    gain you respect and make you wise..
    With patience behind each decision,
    every decision par precision..
    With patience when you perform a role,
    you are bound to achieve the goal..

    ~ Maryia Naseem Khan

    Open your mind, raise the blind..
    Look into possibilities of every kind..
    Every knot must untangle,
    before you can see the real angle..
    With tensions and fears left behind,
    technology & innovation together combined,
    you can enter a realm of unimaginable kind..

    ~ Maryia Naseem Khan