TV Ads

Television advertisement refers to all type of paid ads that appear on television during specific time to convey a specific message. This can be used to promote a product, service or it also can convey a social message.

These are following types of T.V ads

TV commercials

Television commercials are TV ads that appear on TV during specific time that is reserve for ads. TV commercials are very popular way to promote products and services along with enjoying higher rate of credibility. Large organizations spent huge budget on TV commercials to grab audience attention and spread awareness about products and services. Due to large audience of TV businesses can promote their products and services to wide audience. TV is considered credible source of marketing


Jingle is a short tune used in TV ads that can create strong bonding with brand. Ding Dong and Lipton jingles are still in the mind of audience in Pakistan. They can recall jingles when these products they see these products. Songs are considered also an important tool of promotion in Pakistan many brands create song to celebrate national events. Songs offer longer time duration to brands to display full spectrum of their products/contents and services.

Benefits of TV ads

TV ads are very powerful source to reach large number of people. TV ads are most power and influential medium to spread brand awareness and boost credibility of brand. Here are few benefits of using TV ads.

Large audience

TV is the best way to reach mass audience. TV ads can also be used to reach specific audience. To reach targeted audience specific TV channels can be used like sports, news, music and entertainment. TV ads can also be used to target local audience by running ads on local TV channels that operate in local languages. TV ads can also be used to target specific audience during specific time. Ads related to women can be shown during women shows. Similarly, ads related to children can be shown on cartoon channels. Ads related to young audience can be shown on sports channels during live sports events.

Influential medium

TV is the most influential medium even during this age of social media. TV news channels are considered fastest source of information. Sports events are live broadcasted on TV. TV ads can be created in different ways to attract the attention of viewers. TV ads can be humorous, emotional according to target audience. TV ads can grab attention of audience if ads are according to interest of audience. Due to this influence TV ads are easy to recall at the time of purchase decision.

Brand awareness

TV ads can be best way to spread awareness of a brand. Due to large and wide spread audience TV ads are best way to spread brand awareness rapidly. TV ads are credible. TV ads involve both hearing and listening senses due to this TV grab attention of viewers. Audience can recall ad and brand name at the time of purchase decision.

Boost credibility

TV ads are good way to boost brand credibility. TV ads are considered more credible as compared to radio, print and social media ads. If an organization can run a TV campaign than product of that organization will be considered more credible. The reason behind this is that it is not easy to run TV ad campaigns. TV ad campaigns are difficult to produce and costly to run. Most of TV ad campaigns also involve famous celebrities. It also boosts brand credibility.

Cost of TV ads

Cost of TV ads can vary. Cost of TV ad depends upon the duration of ad, Timing of ad and also on rating of TV channel. Duration of TV ads can vary from 7seconds to 60 seconds, however 30sec duration is most preferred by advertisers. During prime-time TV ads are expensive. TV with high rating and audience can also cost more to run a TV ad. TV is still offers lowest CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) when it comes to reaching a large audience. In Pakistan per minute average cost of running TV Ads is as low as Rs. 5,000.00 for more detailed rates and media plan click our What’s app button.

In Pakistan PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Authority) has issued license to 127 TV Channels (the list is growing) in various segments including news / current affairs, sports, music, religion, education and entertainment channels. These channels also include national and language regional channels. These regional channels operate in many languages like Pashto, Sindhi, Punjabi, Saraiki, Brahvi and Balochi. International channels like BBC, Al Jazira, CNN, Ten Sports, HBO also have audience in Pakistan.

TV ratings

TV ratings are very important for brands to choose while making a media plan for their advertising, it offers them possibilities of reaching their target audience in cost effective and scientific manner.

TV rating services or TV Audience Management System in Pakistan is being offered by 05 PEMRA registered services companies as per their tariff as low as Rs. 20,000.00 per month, However those who would like to save money for rating services can rely on Free limited Rating Services offered by Nayatel in Pakistan.

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Vast Experience

MarCom has vast experience in electronic media our average team member possesses over 10 years of industry experience and one of our directors possesses over 22 years of experience in handling electronic media. MarCom is delivering results for its client successfully since its inception. Belief of clients over MarCom makes it best ad T.V agency in Islamabad.

Expert team

MarCom team holds expert concept writers, graphic designers, illustrators, marketers, and media buying experts. They work together to bring desired results. They all make the Marcom team the best TV ad agency in Islamabad and the fastest growing ad agency in Pakistan and one of the global advertising scenes. our Strong linkages with national and international media houses are also helpful to our clients in ensuring prominent and efficient ad placements. Strong and experienced team of MarCom makes it the best TV ad agency in Islamabad.

In house production

MarCom has the best in house production studio for TV ads. From Production to running successful TV ad campaigns MarCom will handle everything for its client without charging any extra fee. MarCom has all the required facilities and trained staff to handle a successful ad campaign. This makes MarCom not the best TV ad agency in Islamabad but also make us a global player in offering TV Productions and Media Buying Services.

Competitive and discounted prices

MarCom team also offers long-term (minimum 01 years) discounted deals for booking electronic media (TV / Radio/ Local Cable) media adverts offering up to 50% saving in media spent.

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