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    Print Ads

    Print ads are a powerful tool to target mass audiences and enable advertisers to share maximum details of their product or service due to readers being a captive audience of their favorite print media form.


    Print ad

    Print ads are the form of marketing in which print media such as Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals, Supplements/Reports, Industry Newsletters, etc. are used to reach a large audience.

    Print ads are a powerful tool to target mass audiences and enable advertisers to share maximum details of their product or service due to readers being a captive audience of their favorite print media form.

    Print Ad agency

    Print advertisement platforms

    There are various platforms of print advertisement that can be used to deliver messages. Some of these are the followings:

    Newspaper ads:

    A newspaper is a powerful medium of advertisement due to its large circulation and readership. Newspapers are considered mass media and are part of ATL (Above the Line) media activities. In Pakistan, there are about 2,000 nationals, regional, daily, weekly and monthly print news outlets. In Pakistan apart from national Urdu & English language newspapers and magazines, there are several regional publications in other local Pakistani and Global languages such as Gujarati, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi & Punjabi.

    Globally Print media also still is considered one of the strong media tools and publications like Financial Daily, Wall Street Journal, Time, Herald Tribune, Okaz, Straight Times, Khaleej Times, and Gulf News, these publications have an audience base in Pakistan as well and most of times Government of Pakistan publish its advertisements in these global publications.

    Newspapers offer two basic forms of ads: 

    Display Ads

    Display ads are normally ads with Pictures, Illustrations and are mostly in color.



    Ads are a type of ads mostly placed for Tenders, Notices, Announcements, and Jobs.  apart from types of ads newspapers also offers premium positions such as Front & Back or any other position of choice for the placement of ads.

    Size of ads

    Double Spread, Full Page, Half Page, and Quarter Page are popular sizes of print media, however industry practice of measuring each advert is multiplying the column of advertisement by height in centimeters. Broadsheet newspapers size is normally 8 columns and 54cm, whereas Tabloid size comes in 6colmun and 36cm in height. Individual unit is called PSCMCOL (Per Single Centimeter Column) and ads other than the above size are measured accordingly. In Pakistan minimum, acceptable ads are 5×1 size (total 5cmcol), and there is no limitation on the maximum size as long as it fits into the paper.

    For more information on sizes and types of print media advertisements, please download the MarCom app from the play store or contact us.

    Price of Print Media Advertisements

     Print Media Cost depends on many factors such as Publication, Page, Edition, Language, and Date/Day of Publication. Print Media still offers the lowest CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) cost to advertisers and is considered in the very credible source of advertising due to the strong due diligence of print media for accepting any advertisers’ ads for publication in newspapers. In Pakistan you can place a small advert of 5×1 size in any leading paper for as low as Rs. 5,000.00. for more about the price of print media adverts in Pakistan or anywhere in the world please down the MarCom app from the play store or contact us.

    Apart from mass-scale newspapers and magazines, there are many niche industry reports/supplements and newsletters that offer advertisers a very specific target audience to achieve higher conversion rates.

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    Why choose Marcom for Print Ad?

    Here are the reasons why?

    Vast Experience

    MarCom has vast experience in print media our average team member possesses over 10 years of industry experience and one of our directors possesses over 22 years of experience in handling print media advertising locally and internationally. MarCom is delivering results for its client successfully since its inception. Belief of clients over MarCom makes it best ad agency in Islamabad.

    Expert team

    MarCom team holds expert concept writers, graphic designers, illustrators, marketers, and media buying experts. They work together to bring desired results. They all make the Marcom team the best print ad agency in Islamabad and the fastest growing ad agency in Pakistan and one of the global advertising scenes. our Strong linkages with national and international newspapers and magazines are also helpful to our clients in ensuring prominent and efficient ad placements. Strong and experienced team of MarCom makes it the best print ad agency in Islamabad.

    Customized media planning

    MarCom team also offers Special Supplements / Reports in Newspapers for National Days such as Independence Day, Foundation Day, etc. internal embassies and consulates in Pakistan can get benefit from this service, Companies and Education Institutes can also avail of this facility by offering premium content design and exclusive placement.

    Competitive and discounted prices

    MarCom team also offers long-term (minimum 01 years) discounted deals for booking print media adverts offering up to 50% saving in media spent.

    If you would like to place print media ads for promotion of your products and services, hiring of staff, or publishing of company notice give us a call and book a Free of Cost consultancy session with our expert consultant, we also offer online sessions through Zoom or What’s app Calls.

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